Breach The Void
The Monochromatic Era
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: October 11th 2010
Playing time: 41:49

Breach the Void hails from Switzerland and was formed around former Sybreed drummer Alex Anxionna. The album sounds like a Swiss clock, but what else can you expect when the mastering is done by Tue Madsen?

If Fear Factory, Scar Symmetry, Mnemic and Soilwork never made an album, this would be a huge masterpiece and a milestone in metal like Slayer's 'Raining Blood' or Metallica's 'Black Album'. But....... that isn't how it is and because of that their music is without any fantasy or new elements. They mix modern electronic Fear Factory elements, Mnemic/Meshuggah structures with melodic clean Soilwork singing parts in a Scar Symmetry sauce. The combination of aggression, melodies, harmonies and electronic soundscapes sounds o.k., but we have heard it all before. Most of the songs are very predictable, just when you expect a clean part; there it is. The final conclusion is that the four members are great musicians and the album is not bad to listen to, but there is a total lack of creativity.

Fans of the bands I already mentioned will probably run away with this album, so you should certainly give it a try, for me however it is modern metal without a face of its own.

01. Propagate

02. Subversive Mind

03. Retribution Engine

04. Customized Genotype

05. Falling

06. Digital Structure

07. EC-10

08. Ruins

09. Spirals

10. System Failure

Label: Coroner Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 27th 2010