Blood Revolt
Style: Extreme Metal
Release date: July 16th 2010

Formed as a super underground band (Primordial's Nemtheanga, Revenge/Conqueror's mainman, and the founder of the now defunct Axis of Advance), Blood Revolt was created with the goal of provoking like no other band in today's extreme scene, and presents these days Indoctrine as a way to rethink extreme music, both in form and content.

The concept of Indoctrine is stated through a pang start of genuine aggression, if you dare plunge into the dark tale of a man in rebellion against the system and organised religion and whose outcome comprises vengeance by the use of weapons. Blood Revolt is, as the name indicates, not afraid of controversy; as Nemtheanga says: "In an age of compromise, Blood Revolt is genuine rebellion."

Musically too, Blood Revolt pushes the limits of what is accepted in extreme metal, if I may say so, with its aching, open sores like vocals, and chaos induced riffs. A heartfelt stroke has always been Nemtheanga's specialty and it goes hand in hand with the rawness of the riffs, although the combination of it is intriguing at first. Favorite: track 5, My Name in Blood across the Sky.

Not a pearl but a great record for all in need of kicking off the principles in their record collection.


01. Salvation at the Barrel of a Gun (5:23)
02. Dead City Stare (3:51)
03. Bite the Hand, Purge the Flesh (5:28)
04. Gods Executioner, Praise Be (4:43)
05. My Name in Blood across the Sky (8:17)
06. Indoctrine (4:10)
07. Year Zero (4:25)
08. The Martyrs Brigade (5:57)

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: August 14th 2010