Black Wreath
A Pyre of Lost Dreams
Style: Doom Metal
Release date: November 16th 2009

Breathe profoundly, deeper, slower, and let A Pyre of lost Dreams penetrate your soul.

Thus the first record of Peter Mesnickow's Black Wreath has at last seen the light of day, after three years of preparation.

Strong of their extensive experience in metal acts since the 1990's (Saturnus, Whelm, Blazing Eternity), this ensemble serves us a delightful piece of atmospheric doom metal, strongly inspired by Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, with their very own touch.

Though generally cold, the looped riffs on A Pyre of lost Dreams do grip you at heart.
Dreamy melodies comfort your mind. The title is a most perfect description of the music, thumbs up!

A really nice try from the Danish ensemble; they've come a long way. Now try to assert this autistic ambient tendency of yours. A perfect soundtrack to winter while it will have your sorrows swept away.


01. The Black Holes of Your Mind

02. Nocturnal Dominion

03. Solitude Rising (Missing All Exits)

04. Nídstöng


Label: VME
Distribution: Head Not Found
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: March 1st 2010