Black Sun Aeon
Style: Dark/Doom/Death Metal
Release date: April 2nd 2010

I expect a lot from something that originates from the hand of Toumas Saukkonen.

This guy is top professional and does a lot of magic with his music, both with this combo, but also Before the Dawn and The Final Harvest. How he keeps the various projects apart, I do not know, but I suppose there are similarities between them all.

Let me say this: I have been to Finland quite a few times by now, and I know how cold it can be there. And how very long and dark those winter nights can be.

If you haven't been there, I suggest you buy yourself a copy of this album, sit down or lie back, whatever suits you, close your eyes and picture that it's dark all around you, that the landscape is lit only by the moon and its reflection in the snow.

Yes, your balls are nearly freezing off in the cold, but, man, the feeling of the cold darkness is real and weighs hard on any shoulder you can find in the vicinity - yet, there is comfort and beauty in the scenery.

This is the story of the Finnish winter - grim and beautiful as it is. 80 minutes of metal music - doom and death metal with lots of melody and melancholy.

Is this album too long? some might ask. No, but you need to be able to take the time and let it sink in. For me, this is not a party album or a 'I'll just it in the background' kind of thing. It demands attention, and it deserves it!


Disc I: Talviaamu
01. Core of Winter
02. Frozen
03. Sorrowsong
04. Routa
05. Wreath of Ice
06. Dead Sun Aeon

Disc II: Talvyö
01. Funeral of World
02. River
03. Frozen Kingdom
04. Wanderer
05. The Beast
06. Silence
07. Apocalyptic Reveries

Label: Cyclone Empire
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 27th 2010