Black Rain
License to Thrill
Style: Glam
Release date: January 29th 2010

The classic glam metal returns with the music of BLACK RAIN. In the traditions of MOTLEY CREW, CINDERELLA and RATT the Frenchmen are trying to find their own face. The band is founded in 2002 and it has a demo, two albums and an EP. Their last album obviously has impressed Listenable Records and they re-released it only a year after its first release is out.


There are no surprises in the music; we could even find a dose of clichés. There are no surprises in the image of BLACK RAIN – they reach the outworn one of the classicists in the style in their contemporary type. I am not saying it in a bad option… just there is no such an unisex feeling which made the peak in the 80’s! Rock ‘n’ Roll, girls, pistols and nothing more serious than a party is the motto of the guys.


The lyrics combine sex and outbursts of aggression. In reference to this the text of “Party War” attains the ridiculous nonsense of the thousands rap performers. The vocal line is a classic one with too many falsettos and a whisky-dusk. The ballads are dynamic and they do not allow you to get affectionate. The bonus track from the second release is also a ballad. “Baby it’s You” is threateningly close to the style of CINDERELLA.


The people for whom this is a favorite gender could walk on air! Listenable Records rely on the fact that there are lots of these people. The sound of the album, although it is good, obtains from the 80’s and from the concert atmosphere. There is not any staggering to the punk, as it is in the American post-glam wave, hidden in the garages. Although the worthiness of the album I have to say that the label has too much confidence in the potential of such a conservative approach. And they promise us next album soon...


01. Rock Your City

02. Innocent Rossie

03. N.A.S.T.Y.

04. True Girls are Sixteen

05. License to Thrill

06. No Forever

07. Rock ‘n’ Roll is Dead, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll

08. Rockstars Don’t Go to Jail

09. Party War

10. Kill ‘em All

11. Baby it’s You (bonus track)

Label: Listenable Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: August 13th 2010