Black Anvil
Style: Old School Nordic Black Metal
Release date: October 1st 2010
Playing time: 41:35

I had been looking very much forward to this album. The problem about anticipation is that most of the time one is disappointed...

First and primarily I have to conclude that the album is musically good. Black Anvil delivers a sort of traditional black metal - reminiscences of Dodheimsgard and Old Man's Child are numerous. The strings are melodious and brutal, the drums fast and tight, the vocals extremely good if one is into the aforementioned bands.

But compared to the last album from the American trio - the wicked Time insults the Mind from 2008 - Triumvirate lacks variation. The new songs are good separately, but they sound far too much alike when one spins the entire album. Also, the incorporation of doom metal elements does not sit well with me. Black Anvil play best when they play with fury. The doom parts - though they are rare - slow the music down.

Still, as I wrote in my review of Time Insults the Mind: "Few are the bands that holds the blood-smeared banner of traditional black metal high". Black Anvil is still among them, and fans of the genre should go down Memory Lane and invest in this album.

Note that the track-list below is the official list. On the promo I review here, there is no Von cover song. Instead there is a track named "Angels to Dust" (a very good track actually), between the songs "Ultimate Reality" and "We Own You".


01. What Is Life If Not Now! (04:55)
02. Crippling (01:00)
03. The Evil of All Roots (05:46)
04. Ultimate Reality (03:41)
05. We Own You (05:22)
06. Scalping (04:42)
07. Eliminate (04:39)
08. Dead and Left (01:32)
09. With Transparent Blood (04:44)
10. Veadtuck (Von Cover) (05:14)

Label: Relapse Records
Distribution Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Martin Schjonning
Date: November 9th 2010