Melodic Thrashing Mayhem
Style: Melodic Death/Thrash
Release date: 2010
Playing time: 26:58

Groovy thrash/death with a metalcore vibe and a black-metal touch, a combination of Pantera-like riffs and modern metalcore acts and melodic Norwegian black-metal guitar lines. After an intro about the Enola Gay (the plane that transported the first atomic bomb thrown on Japan to end WW II), the track "Biolence" sets off. Strong riffs carry the song and the pushing drums give the song a perfect drive. Pure thrash/melodic death with a metal(hard)core touch and a Sepultura-like groove.

In the track "Land of Freedom" the band uses more black-metal influences especially in the guitar harmonies and of course the tempo is going up at those times. "Blood of the Gods" continues in the same style as the second track, it even sounds a bit heroic in a kind of Norwegian style. The melodic fast guitar lines (harmonies) are there again and I have to give the band a compliment for the sound of the bass-guitar. Especially with heavy bands you have to listen very, very carefully to hear the bass in the overall sound, but on every song the bass guitar has been mixed in very clear.

With "Pure" we are back where we started, this is a song that can be compared with the first track "Biolence". Groovy thrash with modern melodic death influences. Again the bass-lines are mixed in very clear in a way you know it from Cynic or Sadus. These Portuguese guys made a nice EP that is worth listening to and I think you should give this band a chance. I think that it will be just a matter of time that they are going to be picked up by a label to record their full-length debut.


01. Intro

02. Biolence

03. Land and Freedom

04. Blood of the Gods

05. Pure

06. Outro

Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 11th 2010