Progressive Stoner Rock

Release date: September 17th 2010
Playing time: 74:15

The second full length recording of BIGELF is launched to the Scandinavian public where the band founded a label. The first track nails us with sound of the early BLACK SABBATH with a little bit more keyboards. The Fox’s voice is gravitating around Ozzy. The second composition throw us in the atmosphere of PINK FLOYD’s “The Wall”. But the moderations of the vocals suit more to a club band. Further a modest dose of psychedelics returns. It is melted at places with BLACK SABBATH and with ballads in the veins of George Harrison. “Rock & Roll Contract” is a minor balance of BIGELF’s career. In the songs could be heard influences from the progressive rock scene.


Although the psychedelic BLACK SABBATH is predominating, the sound itself is too stoner. It is particular this soft dragging and non-compensation of the acoustic chords which is familiar to us from the non-mastered recordings of BEATLES.


The twelfth song "$" from the contemporary release is just an eight seconds long pause which brings us to hidden bonuses. The four non-announced on the cover songs are with more evident BLACK SABBATH feeling and some of them are variants of these which are in the album. I suppose that this is in fact the EP before the first release of their album in 2003 – “The Madhatter”.


The whole mood of the CD leads us to this all-swallowing British sadness which we also meet and in the face of bands like MY DYING BRIDE. Even the effects remind the non-realistic sound of the British science fiction television series produced by the BBC “Blake’s 7”. This should be the reason for the re-release of almost the whole discography of BIGELF exactly by Powerage Records/Classic Rock Magazine.


The third album of the Americans from 2008 is re-released by Powerage yet in 2009. In “Hex we can found the progressive component reinforced.


01.   Madhatter

02.   Bats in the Belfry II

03.   Pain Killers

04.   Disappear

05.   Rock & Roll Contract

06.   Sunshine Suicide

07.   Falling Bombs

08.   Black Moth

09.   Carry the Load

10.   Burning Bridges

11.   Bats in the Belfry I


   “$” - Bonus Tracks:

12.   Hidden Track 1

13.   Hidden Track 2

14.   Hidden Track 3

15.   Hidden Track 4


Powerage Records/Classic Rock

Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: October 14th 2010