Money Machine

Progressive Stoner Rock

Release date: September 17th 2010
Playing time: 68:37

After their psychedelic EP BIGELF immediately start to work on next album. Maybe the pragmatic audience in L. A. directed them to more conventional sound. Although this fact “Money Machine” comes out with three years delay and via Swedish label.


The album’s first release in 2000 owes plenty of its music to BEATLES. Moderated in keyboards living space the songs are with muted guitars and with more rock sound. If there is something psychedelic, it is in “Sgt Pepper…” or “White Album”. Even the vocals of Damon Fox remind the hysterical early John Lennon.  The doom genes of the band are in evidence in a minor mood. The progressive rock influences come down to mourning HAIR. The BEATLES influence and even some quotations remain predominating.


The 2010 release of this album includes a bonus and four live songs which were on an EP in 2001 under the name “Goatbridge Palace”. The live performance of BIGELF shows that they have the abilities to spread the show like EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER or YES with longer compositions. Only the keyboards are not so multifarious in comparison to the studio recordings. The last live track is a cover song of BLACK SABBATH – “Sweet Leaf”.


The development of the band is surprisingly stoner not to say retro. The progressive compositions are disguised by the BEATLES inspirations.


01.   Money Machine

02.   Sellout

03.   Neuropsychopatic Eye

04.   Side Effects

05.   (Another) Nervous Breakdown

06.   Mindbender

07.   Ironheel

08.   Death Walks Behind You

09.   The Bitter End


Bonus Tracks:

10.   Bad Reputation

11.   Sellout (live)

12.   Neuropsychopatic Eye (live)

13.   Money Machine (live)

14.   Sweet Leaf (live) Black Sabbath Cover


Powerage Records/Classic Rock

Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: October 14th 2010