Closer to Doom

Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Doom Metal

Release date: September 17th 2010
Playing time: 55:00

From the smooth and soft boiled L. A. where everything is commercial although it is rare could appear a somewhat pearl. We could not forget that from the basements over there crawled out SLAYER which have nothing commonly in this text. Powerage Records together with Classic Rock Magazine re-release the whole discography of this band. BIGELF are indeed worthy of notice, but they remained in the shadows because of some difficulties with labels and perhaps because they are coming from L. A.


When the EP “Closer to Doom” is released for the first time in 1996 it includes six songs melting BLACK SABBATH doom and lots of psychedelics from the early art-rock scene and late hippie music. Strong guitars alternate with keyboards melodies from the Hammond organ of DEEP PURPLE or the sad optimism of URIAH HEEP. The music is coming out of traces with psychedelic waves which owe something to the early PINK FLOYD and not less to JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and PROCOL HARUM. And it offers a rest with some choruses reminding SWEET or SMOKIE. The slow rhythm sometimes immerses us in the despair of BLACK SABBATH and sometimes in the visions of the hippie movement. The underlined effects of the recordings sound in the way which would be chosen by every contemporary stoner rock band.


The 2010 release of this album has eight bonus tracks. The six songs demo of the band recorded in 1996 demonstrates the syndrome of the debut – the tracks are with much raw guitar sound and are less popular as an emanation. The official release is softer and  less startling, although the fact that in 1996 are raging what not extreme gendres. A non-released instrumental and a live recording are added to the CD.


It is indeed a stoner recording of a great value submerged in psychedelic expressions which are presented in doom approach. BIGELF acquire at somewhat level British sound.


01.   Change

02.   Crazy

03.   Frustration

04.   Salvation

05.   In the Void

06.   Closer to Doom


Bonus Tracks:

07.   Fight (demo)

08.   Change (demo)

09.   The Jury (demo)

10.   Smell the Daisies (demo)

11.   In the Void (demo)

12.   Closer to Doom (demo)

13.   Theme One

14.   Baron Saturday (live)


Powerage Records/Classic Rock

Distribution: Plastic Head Music
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: October 14th 2010