Bastard Priest
Under the Hammer of Destruction
Style: Death Metal
Release date: August 16th 2010
Playing time: 34:35

They hail from Sweden and play old-school death metal. So far nothing wrong with that. This album has already been released on vinyl and now you can enjoy it on CD. Musically you have to think about Nihilist, Grave and early Dismember. Fans of this stuff will like most of the songs on this album.

The biggest negative point in my opinion is the production. When you want to play old-school stuff, it doesn't need a production that sounds old if you ask me. With a top production the songs would have sounded much better and less ancient. Does the band do this on purpose or is it just that the budget wasn't bigger? It keeps me from giving them a higher rating than the one above. With the music there is nothing wrong, so if you like old school stuff with an old school production, you should check it out.  

01. Blasphemy From Hell

02. Visions of Doom

03. Evil Pain

04. Total Mutilation

05. Power of Death

06. Chock

07. Under the Hammer of Destruction

08. From Beyond

09. Merciless Insane Death

10. Graveyard Sacrifice

11. En Helsing fran Helvetet

Label: Pulverised Records
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Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 20th 2010