Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness
Style: Black Metal
Release date: October 25th 2010
Playing time: 42:33

After a nice classical intro the hellish fast and furious black/death sets off. This Serbian black/death horde has a style you can compare with early Dissection and Dark Funeral. It's a musical story in 3 parts, called Chapter I, II and III: Chaos, Darkness and Emptiness.

First chapter is fast and pure black metal stuff, after the intro "Lost Shadows" they continue the same musical path and besides the two bands I already mentioned, Behemoth is another one they remind me of. The third and final part is the most melodic one I think and especially in the song "The Haunting Presence" they introduce some doomy parts. A welcome change in the music that otherwise would be all so fast. "Dysthymia" is an instrumental; it sounds like background music from of a movie, not my cut of tea. Last track "The Dawn No More Rises" ends like the album started pure fast and angry black metal!

Nothing really new, but enough of good ideas and well played stuff for the general black metal fan.

01. Awakening of the Evil Spirits

02. The True Insomnia

03. Pandemonium

04. Lost Shadows

05. Abhorrence

06. Plague Upon Yourself

07. Inherited Infection

08. The Haunting Presence

09. Dysthymia

10. The Dawn No More Rises

Label: Abyss Records
Promotion: Clawhammer PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 4th 2010