The Bakerton Group
El Rojo
Style: Alternative (Retro Prog Rock)
Release date: April 17th 2009

Iím so much in doubt about this oneÖ I donít really like the retro prog rock wave that much (I think Iíve had my share of Gentle Giant and all the others), and Iím not exactly keen on saxophone either, especially not in Hard Rock (?!!?). And yet this album keep coming back, every time with something new to discover. The musicians are top class, and really knows their stuff, and has connection to the others in the band Ė very cool. But after some numbers I start missing a gear or two more though Ė I end up foot-tapping to a lot of the riffs and rhythms, but it doesnít really kick off for me, it stays in a sort of walking tempo, and I loose a little interest thenÖ too bad.

The band consist of Clutch-members Tim Sult on guitar, Dan Maines, bass, Jean-Paul Gaster, drums and Neil Fallon on guitar, and additionally on the album Per Wiberg of Opeth on keyboards, organ and whathaveyou.

The sound is kept very ďoriginalĒ Ė the sound on this album is very similar to the sound of the probable sources of inspiration of the 70ís: Gentle Giant, Yes and several more of that age. And itís very well done.

It works best for me in smaller doses, a couple of tracks at the time, but thatís okay Ė it still has got plenty of nice stuff to offer a fan of the retro (70ís) prog Ė style and sound. So when Iím still interested itís past 90 in score, but in the lower periods itís maybe down to 70Ö judge for yourselves.



Time Horizon




Peruvian Airspace


Bien ClŠsico


Life On Lars




The Gigantomakhia




Last Orbit


Bill Proger's Galaxy

Label: Weathermaker Music
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Claus Melsen
Date: January 2nd 2010
Website: The Bakerton Group at MySpace