Autumn Hour
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: January 22nd 2010

Alan Tecchio, possibly best know for his early work in Hades and Watchtower and to some degree later on for his work in Non-Fiction has joined up with Justin Jurman (guitars), Clint Arent (bass), and Dave Lescinsky (drums), who might have crossed your path at some stage in bands like; Seven Witches, Hades and Painmuseum.

Tecchio's unique voice is carrying the album, and I must say that this is one of his less fortune performances. Too much screaming and speaking rather than using his unique clean high pitched voice. But that's not where my major issues with this album lie... The music itself is a sadly shallow shell with no real substance or power, and it has sadly more in common with Non-Fiction, Engine and VoiVod than Hades without ever reaching the standard any of those bands.

And it's a real shame because the set-up sounds so promising; "Dethroned" is a futuristic concept album and the story is based around ideas developed by Ray Kurzweil in his ground-breaking book “The Singularity Is Near.” Taking forward-thinking concepts like strong artificial intelligence, exponential technological development, and nanotechnology, Autumn Hour has woven their own shadowy, sorrowful tale of a potential future. The dark, brutal and haunting tale is transcended into the music but it never delivers.

The songbook for the aftermath after a total devastation fails to impress, sure it's dark and gloomy, but the music never catches fire and ignites... No, sorry but this one does nothing for me at all.

Part I - Singularity in the Making
01. Oblon
02. End User
03. Techcceleration (The Machine Speaks)
04. Here Comes the Rain Again

Part II - Endgame
05. Fade Out
06. Unbelievable (The Mind Speaks)
07. Dethroned
08. How Were We Supposed to Know?

Part III - The Machine Kind
09. Every Day (The Body Speaks)
10. Transcend
11. The Past (The Heart Speaks)

European Bonus Tracks
12. Rebirth
13. Rafi
14. How Were We Supposed to Know?

Label: Cyclone Empire
Promotion: SureShotworx
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 18th 2010