Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: April 23rd 2010

Audiovision is a Swedish Christian metal band and solo project of vocalist Christian Rivet-Liljegren of Narnia and Divinefire. After Christian left Narnia in 2009, he decided to make Audiovison a full- time touring and recording band. Audiovision has a harder edge than Narnia, and Christian's voice has a more gruffer-yet-still melodic tone to it. On "Focus," there are touches of power metal, but less of the neoclassical and symphonic elements of both aforementioned bands.
Audiovision has a throwback sound to the '70s and '80s metal, while still sounding fresh. The band create some catchy sing-along anthemic choruses which are memorable and hummable.

Keeping in the tradition of some great classic Christian metal bands such as Bloodgood, White Cross, Barren Cross and Messiah Prophet, Audiovision mixes their brand of '80s metal, with a nod toward the '70s hard rock bands such as Rainbow, Scorpions and Whitesnake.
Whether a band sings about Satan, God or whatever, it's the music that counts. And if it's good, I could care less about the Christian message, as long as it's metal.

"Fruit of love" and "The Gate" channels the best of Klaus Meine and the Scorpions harmonies, reminding me of tunes "Winds of Change" and "In Search of the Peace of Mind." "We Will Go" sounds like classic Barren Cross meets Stryper in a great Dio-esque voice with a huge anthem-like chorus. "I Will Belong To You" has a Blackmore/Yngwie bluesy guitar solo that just elevates magnificently. "The Way" has a Barren Cross meets Dio wailing guitar drive to it, ending on a brilliant falsetto scream.

I really dig this album. And if one can put aside the overt Christian lyrics and take Audiovision for what it is which is great metal with a nod towards '70s rock then "Focus" is a winner.

01. Invitation
02. Keep the Fire Burning
03. We are not Alone
04. The Son Will Come
05. You are the Reason
06. Fruit of Love
07. We Will Go
08. I Will Belong to You
09. The Way
10. The Gate
11. Focus
Label: Ulterium Records
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Kelley Simms
Date: March 8th 2010