Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 2009

I think it is very hard to judge a band on three songs; it's like having to point out the murderer in a book after reading the first three chapters. But like it's the case with most books you know for sure if it will one you will a real hard time putting aside or one you know will be a drag...

Artizan might be an unknown to most readers, formed by original members of acclaimed Century Media recording artist Leviathan, the band consists of Ty Tammeus (Drums), Tom Braden (Vocals), Shamus McConney (Guitars), Hermanus J. Rombouts (Guitars) and Jon Jennings (Bass). And they couldn't have picked a better name (Artizan: skilled craftsman; creator) because this is first class musicians displaying their writing, singing and playing skills.

This three songs EP shows a band with heaps of talent and potential, and if these songs are any indication on things to come then I promise you we are in for a real treat... The complex, innovative and powerful songs have references to Leviathan and could pass as a progressive version of old Iced Earth, nicely mixed up with some strong Iron Maiden influences.

Now they need do something about their God awful logo, write more songs at this high level, and with a bit of luck and hard work get a record deal... and I foresee a bright future for them.

01. Fire
02. Game Within a Game
03. Rise
Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 17th 2010
Website: Artizan @ Facebook