Armored Saint
La Raza
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: March 15th 2010

Even though it feels like Armored Saint has been around forever, this is only their 6th album and they have after all, in some kind of form, been around since 1982. The three albums from the mid-eighties still stand out as some the best composed pure metal and even disaster couldn't stop them and "Symbol of Revelation" from 1991 was equally strong. Nine more years passed before Armored Saint delivered another fine piece of metal, "Revelation" and now ten more years have passed and it is time for "La Raza".

"La Raza" is pure old school heavy metal and the result is ten great metal songs that all benefit immensely from the excellent production; well balanced, warm, crystal clear and analogue, you can almost see the tubes glowing in the back, without the sound being outdated at all - this is done the old fashion way, all the way. And Armored Saint stays true to all the virtues and trademarks that make this band so unique and they sound as authentic as they did in their early days.

Ten brilliant and traditional Saint compositions, John Bush delivering another first class performance and a nice analogue sound, what more can you ask for? Nothing if you ask me... and the answer to their own question "Can U Deliver?" is a big and powerful yes (they can)!

01. Loose Cannon (5:06)
02. Head On (5:46)
03. Left Hook from Right Field (5:31)
04. Get Off the Fence (4:48)
05. Chilled (5:01)
06. La Raza (6:40)
07. Black Feet (5:07)
08. Little Monkey (4:45)
09. Blues (3:32)
10. Bandit Country
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 10th 2010
Website: Armored Saint @ MySpace