Arma Gathas
Dead to this World
Style: Death Metal
Release date: April 23rd 2010

Arma Gathas is a new band with vocalist Che Snelting (ex-Born From Pain) , Simon Füllemann (ex-Cataract) on guitar, Marc Niedersberg (Machine Made God), guitar, Alex Härtel, bass and Max van Winkelhof (ex-Disloyal) on drums. With 2 Dutchman, 2 Germans and one Schweitzer; certainly makes this a very international pack. Arma Gathas uses lyrical subjects about the end of the world and lots of things that we people do, to make us get faster to the end. Titles such as "The Lies of Man" and "Generation Doom" speak for themselves.

After a short intro the song "The Rise and fall" sets the standard for what we can expect. Fast aggressive metal songs with strong riffs and the hardcore-style vocals of Che. Of course there are songs that lean towards metal core, but there are influences of Machine Head grooves in there too. At first I found it a little strange that this band has been signed by Metal Blade, but when listening to it more often, I have to conclude that the album certainly got potential. It is more metal than you should expect and it has enough variety not to bore you. Nevertheless this is an album that will be liked by many (metal)core fans.

I hope for the band that the world will not be dead too soon, so that they can make an even better successor. If you want to know how a mix between Machine Head and Hatebreed sounds like - try this one out.


01. Antagonist

02. The Rise and Fall

03. Losing Hope

04. The Lies of Man

05. The Damage Done

06. Liberate Me

07. Depopulation

08. New Savior

09. Generation Doom

10. Protagonist

11. God's Wrath

12. Constant Hunt For Blood

13. Our Last Goodbye - Our Final Breath

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by:

Reinier de Vries

Date: April 16th 2010