Arch Rival
In the Face of Danger
Style: Hard Rock / Sleaze Metal
Release date: October 26th 2009

One wonder why an album originally released in 1991 by a rather unknown band from Texas is being re-mastered and re-packaged with a very cheesy cover and an hour long video material? Michael Harris is the answer to the question. Guitarist virtuoso and the main man behind many cool bands from Texas, his latest adventure Darkology has a brilliant new album coming out soon on Rock-a-holics Records.

Arch Rival was where he tested the more straight forward and simple material compared to many of his later projects, and even though the result is not half bad, I can also understand why they never managed to rise above the masses. They do sound like so many other bands from around that time, like Dokken, XYZ, Hurricane and Dangerous Toys, and they fit right in the grey area somewhere between hard rock and sleaze metal, like so many others...

Biggest problem is that the catchy tunes really aren't that catchy and the songs do not stick like glue and the album does not leave a lasting memory. It's all well written, produced and played, Michael is a great guitarist and his talent is already at this early stage of his career obvious. But again is there really a big demand for this album?


01. In The Face Of Danger (4:40)
02. Time Wonít Wait (4:11)
03. Me against the World (4:04)
04. Rock the Night Away (4:27)
05. Fortune Hunter (4:27)
06. God Bless America (3:32)
07. Revolution (3:25)
08. Mr. Attitude (4:05)
09. Shotgun at Midnight (3:57)
10. Sirenís Song (4:16)
11. Can You Tell Me Why? (3:56)
12. In The Face Of Danger (Live) (4:51)
13. Me against the World (Live) (4:04)

Label: Rock-a-holics Records
Distribution: Rock-a-holics Records
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 4th 2010