Angelus Apatrida
Style: Thrash
Release date: June 22nd 2010

In addition to the great hunt of new thrash findings Century Media presents us the third album of the Spanish quartet ANGELUS APATRIDA. Inspired by the early Bay Area thrash wave, the band aims fast and somehow melodic making of music.


With the intro of “The Manhattan Project” (of the same name of the first American nuclear program), the guys suggest the tick-tacking idea that we could expect the explosion of thrash from the American school. And after this the TESTAMENT sound immediately drives into ears (especially the vocals of Guillermo Izquierdo) which is melted with EXODUS riffs and sunk in the speed and the melodies reminding of FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. And if EXODUS are honored mainly around “Bonded by Blood” 85 then the other two bands are ranged over in the treasure of their whole discography.


In their third album ANGELUS APATRIDA grow as compositions and as a sound. This does not mean that they have changed because of their new label. Contrariwise, they follow their path of development although they have left behind the SEPULTURA influences for implementing more melodies in the songs.


The disadvantage of the band is that we can find lots of quotations in their music. There is plenty of concretization in their inspirations. The listening of “Clockwork” frequently turns into déjà vu. A contra-point of this remark of mine appears the bonus track – cover song of IRON MAIDEN “Be Quick or Be Dead”. I imagine how difficult is to run away from the melody of the original. ANGELUS APATRIDA have succeeded to make it thrash and as a whole to re-create this classic song in a real constructive approach.


“Clockwork” would not turn into classics, but it should be standing in a proper way in the collection of every serious thrash fan.


01. The Manhattan Project

02. Blast Off

03. Of Men And Tyrants

04. Clockwork

05. Devil Take The Hindmost

06. The Misanthropist

07. Legally Brainwashed

08. Get Out Of My Way

09. My Insanity

10. One Side One War

11. Into The Storm

12. National Disgrace

13. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Bonus Track)

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 94/100
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: June 9th 2010