Albino Bone Rituals
Witch Doctor Demo
Style: Death Metal
Release date: July 2010
Playing time: 15:00

Something's definitely brewing in Nottingham, UK. This three-piece with the odd name Albino Bone Rituals has released a rock solid demo CD that deserves attention.

Although not a revolution as such, it holds something that made me go 'hey, what's this' when I put it in the disc player the first time, and I keep finding little things that I hadn't noticed the last time I listened. That, to me at least, is a quality in it self, and something young bands rarely manage. Quality death with big nods to the old school and with suitable amounts of diversity to make it interesting.

A band to watch.

The three tracks can be found on the band's MySpace site.


01. Exhaled by a Hollow God

02. The Weapon

03. Psilocybin Spike Ordeal


Label: Nope
Distribution: Nope
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 18th 2010
Website: Albino Bone Rituals @MySpace