A Hill To Die Upon
Infinite Titanic Immortal
Style: Melodic Extreme Metal
Release date: September 15th 2009

When a band bothers to tell the world that they are Christians, there is always a lot of discussions following the announcement. Why they do need to mention their religious beliefs does not always make sense to me. At the same time, the fact of a band being Christian, and their Christianity encapsulating the concept of the band is obviously as valid as any other, isn't it?

A Hill To Die Upon plays extreme metal, and Infinite titanic Immortal, the band's first full length, contains lyrics that reflect this Christianity, though through a darkness not uncommon to metal lyrics. Thus the band creates a lyrical atmosphere of choice to make their way into extreme metal.

The music is unfortunately too little variated for my taste, which is a pity, given the fact that the band's performance is absolutely respectable. The sound is rich, but the originality often literally blasts away.

The band is already booked for a gig series and I believe their show can be great, so check'em out!


01. Of Fire and Division
02. Prometheus rebound
03. This King never smiles
04. Season of the starved Wolf
05. Twin Heads of Vengeance
06. Heka Secundus (on slithering Ice)
07. The dark Road
08. We soulless Men
09. Titanic Essence
10. Eclipse of Serpents
11. Rime

Label: Bombworks Records
Distribution: Infinite Metal Promotion
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: March 1st 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/ahilltodieuponband