Where Demons Dwell
Style: American Death Metal/Black/Thrash
Release date: October 29th 2010
Playing time: 38:51

Abominant hails from the state of Kentucky and this is already their 9th album since they started back in 1993. I'm almost sure that there are not a great bunch of European death metal fans who know this band and certainly most of them are not aware that this is their ninth album. If that will change by releasing this album I have no idea, but if it doesn't, it is not because of the music.

Musically there is not so much wrong with this record. "Baptized by Steel" takes off like Morbid Angel in their 'Blessed are the Sick" days and this is certainly not the last song that reminds me of them. Perhaps Abominant is not as technical as Morbid Angel. Most of the songs are very fast; only the song "After the Fallout" is a bit slower. Abominant plays death metal with black and thrash influences. The drums rolls and blasts and the evil fast and melodic guitar riffs rule. Great songs with killer riffs. Those of you, who haven no album of this band at all, can first try this one and I'm sure you will pick up some older ones later on.

Fans of Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Sinister and even old Pestilence will like this band.


01. Baptized By Steel

02. Bloodland

03. Firestorm

04. Rain Of Ash

05. After the Fallout

06. The Wolves of Hate

07. Blackened Earth

08. Where Demons Dwell

Label: Deathgasm Records
Promotion: ClawHammer PR
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: November 14th 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/abominant