a. Lostfield
Internal Affairs
Style: Progressive, Metal, Alternative...
Release date: 2010

This musical studio project called a. Lostfield hails from Colombia and ‘Internal Affairs’ is their debut (self produced) full length album.


The band mixes several styles and they have done an okay job in my humble opinion. We get 7 songs with everything from Latin inspired progressive rock to heavy metal with an alternative edge.


The songs won’t blow you away the very first time you give this disc a listen but it wins a little with each spin. And if you give this CD the time to blossom and to grow you’ll discover an album worth listening to from time to time.


When I listen to this CD I get that certain feeling that everything is thought through and that the band is 100 % behind their music. They have an ability to write catchy riffs spiced with interesting passages that makes you listen... so it’s certainly not suitable for background music.


This album is okay... not stunning... but okay, so check it out and be open-minded.


01. Dreaming About Stars

02. Forgotten Story

03. I Still Pretend

04. Internal

05. Hide Your Face

06. Marks From The Past

07. Just The Things You Know

Label:  -
Distribution: Lugga Music
Artwork rating: 49/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 23rd 2010
Website: www.myspace.com/alostfield