Sinners International
Style: Industrial Hardrock
Release date: May 18th 2009

Once upon a time in Scotland, I saw a band called Seigmen.


The Norwegians supported Paradise Lost on their 1998 UK tour and it made some sense albeit they didn’t have a back catalogue of genre defining doom on their hands. Paradise Lost had with ‘One Second’ moved into the Depeche Mode territory that they were to explore even more intensively over the following eight years or so.


As I recall them, Seigmen were not far away from the band Paradise Lost evolved into with an electronica induced sort of rock. Heavy beats, catchy, all in all an alright experience as I remember that rainy evening in Glasgow.


That was basically the first and last time I heard of Seigmen, though. Until now. It would appear that the Norwegians kept rolling and that they even formed an appendix creative outlet in the shape of Zeromancer. Given my lack of knowledge of the band I can’t really tell if it sounds any different from Seigmen, but fact is that ‘Sinners International’, Zeromancer’s second album, holds quantities of hit potential.


Especially tunes like It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex), Dobbelgänger I Love You and the rocking Two Skulls with the Rammstein riffing make your feet stamp to the beat, but overall ‘Sinners International’ is an excellent effort of danceable heaviness.


01. Sinners International

02. Doppelgänger I Love You

03. My Little Tragedy

04. It Sounds Like Love (but it looks like sex)

05. Filth Noir

06. Fictional

07. I’m yours to lose

08. Two Skulls

09. Imaginary Friends

10. Ammonite 

Label: Trisol
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 25th 2009