Style: Power Metal
Release date: January 30th 2009

“Thor” is the 8th album by this mighty German power metal band and a fair album it is too. Now, with an album named “Thor” you pretty much know what to expect here, a tale about Nordic gods of course based around the mighty god of thunder. Wizard put a lot of their fans off with “Goochan” their last release, saying they had gone soft. Well let me just say that “Thor” takes off from where “Odin” left. Fast heavy riffs, soaring vocals and thunderous drums, old fans with not be disappointed. Sven’s screams on “Asgard” are spine chilling. His vocals on the entire album are outstanding and he has taking his vocals up to the next level. The prodigal son has returned to Valhalla in the way of original guitarist Michael MaaB and the results are outstanding to say the least. 

Musically “Thor” is non stop traditional power speed metal. Not really any ballads as such but “Serpents Venom” does slow things down a bit after the first 3 (“Utgard”, “Midgards Guardian” & “Asgard”) earth shattering tracks. “What Would You Do” has a very similar Manowar “Power” feel to it, especially in the vocals. The rest of “Thor” gallops along quite nicely with some very nice traditional metal songs. A very solid album any true metal fan should own. 

“Thor” is the album Manowar should or won’t make, personally I don’t think Manowar could play this fast or heavy. Move over there is a new “KING OF METAL” raise your fist high and hail Wizard!!!!!!!!!!

01. Utgard (False Games)
02. Midgards Guardian
03. Asgard
04. Serpents Venom
05. Resurrection
06. The Visitor
07. What Would You Do?
08. Utgard (The Beginning)
09. Lightning
10. Pounding in the Night
11. Stolen Hammer
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: May 5th 2009
Website: www.legion-of-doom.de