Billion Dollar Mouth
Style: Thrash
Release date: 2008

Another cool thrash band from Italy!

With a couple of ounces of Pantera and Machine Head and then a spoonful of metalcore the Lamb of God way, the five Italians tear competently through nine tight and well-wrought pieces of heaviness.

Singer Steph has one of the better thrash voices I’ve come across recently and that is something a band should value dearly. There are tons of singers – but not too many with a distinct style that is at the same time bearable to listen to. There are loads of bands who play just as well as a band like WitHate, but the quality of the singer makes the difference in the long run.

Spot on – excellent album! A must-try for fans of modern thrash metal. A thrash band that has no less than two harmonica solos on the debut album deserves at least two minutes of your attention…


01. Inner Prowler
02. Bloody River
03. With Hate
04. The New Black Wave (SG)
05. Stolen Life
06. T.O.R.
07. Laced Snakes
08. Rise
09. Thinking, Fighting, Dying

Label: None
Promotion: Metalwave
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: June 18th 2009
Website: www.withate.it