Winds of Plague
The Great Stone War
Style: Symphonic Deathcore/Black Metal
Release date: August 24th 2009

The combination of Symphonic Deathcore and Black Metal is appealing to the eyes Winds of Plague. The idea of all-in-one is a good vision. Not to mention, exciting. But visions and theories are nothing unless put to life, the proper way that is. Then results are judged, by you and me...

I have seen this band perform at Summer Slaughter Tour and I can assure you, they know how to get the crowd going. Of course, stage presence is not the only key to a great band. There are series of other things, like actual talent.

It was very difficult for me to tell if I was still on one track or if I've moved on and now listening to another track. They all sound very similar. I started on track 1, then unknowingly I was on the 4th track. How did it happen, was I there? It is that forgettable. It doesn't hold your attention, you will get lost. It's not the happy kind of feeling of lost in love for music, but the feeling of dread you've just bestowed upon yourself.

I want to appreciate the vocalist's approach in merging various stylings. Some approach made good results, but most resulted in perforation of the eardrums. Nothing spectacular about the plain keyboard structure either. And the one-way technique and over use of the double bass on the drums (yes, there is such a thing). The guitars atleast attempted with precision. 'Battle Scars' is an example of good effort that I perceived as their only technical material. Maybe also a bit of 'Soldiers Of Doomsday'. The remaining contains repetition of laughable break downs and the usual Death Metal chord progressions.

I realized their last album got some really bad reviews. It's clear they are trying their hardest to break down boundaries with sub genres. There is always room for improvement.

In conlusion; I do not recommend it to anyone, for it will not move you, not an inch. Perhaps with their next album?

01. Earth (1:30)
02. Forged in Fire (3:35)
03. Soldiers of Doomsday (4:06)
04. Approach the Podium (3:39)
05. Battle Scars (3:25)
06. Chest and Horns (4:00)
07. Creed of Tyrants (2:45)
08. Our Requiem (4:14)
09. Classic Struggle (3:20)
10. The Great Stone War (4:17)
11. Tides Of Change (2:25)
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: August 14th 2009
Website: Winds of Plague @ MySpace