The Wildhearts
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: August 31st 2009

There is no need to deny the fact that their roots still lays in the 80's hair metal scene, with bands like Enuff Z'Nuff, Mötley Crüe and Guns 'n' Roses rank very high on the list. But they have always had a twist to their sound; the odd Metallica riff or some off the charts thrash part that really is very seldom in hard rock. And on this album they do sounds like nothing before adding some very modern sounding riffs and guitar parts to the mix.

As a long serving member of the UK Hard Rock scene they come across as a very tight and strong unit that knows their roots but isn't afraid of adding new styles and sounds to their original sound. And it is working to a certain degree; I think the inclusion of a children's song, sung in Danish at the end of "You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane" underlined by a very hard riff is done with success, while other parts just sound incoherent.

'Chutzpah' is a rather short album with its ups and downs, not breathtaking but still an acceptable effort that I am sure fans will love, the rest: take a listen before you decide...

01. The Jackson Whites
02. Plastic Jebus
03. The Only One
04. John Of Violence
05. You Are Proof That Not All Women Are Insane
06. Tim Smith
07. Low Energy Vortex
08. You Took The Sunshine From New York
09. Mazel Tov Cocktail
10. Chutzpah
Label: Backstage Alliance
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 2nd 2009