White Skull
Forever Fight
Style: Epic/Power/Heavy Metal
Release date: March 27th 2009

"Forever Fight" is the eight full-length from these Italians, and the first one on the Dragonheart label.

The first four albums "I Won't Burn Alone", "Embittered", "Tales from the North" and "Public Glory, Secret Agony" was all great epic power metal albums, especially the "Tales from the North" album was top-notch.

But then female singer Federica de Boni left the band and was replaced by a male singer called Gustavo Gabarr˛, and from there on everything went down hill. It was not really Gustavo's fault, the music also changed; the epic touch almost disappeared and it was more a heavy/power metal thing. So after the fifth album "The Dark Age" I kind of lost track of White Skull.

But now a couple of album's later they are back with a new female singer called Elisa de Palma, and she is doing an excellent job. The music is a back to the roots kind of thing, just take a listen to tracks like "Spy", "Attle and Bleda", "Heavy Metal Axes" or "Boudicca's Speech" there is a bit of everything speed, mid-tempo, epic and even a beautiful power ballad.

"Forever Fight" is a huge step forward for White Skull. 

Check it out.

01. We Are Coming
02. Escape
03. Feel My Rage
04. Spy
05. Attle and Blenda
06. Forever Fight
07. Boudicca's Speech
08. A Mother's Revenge
09. Heavy Metal Axes
10. Etzel
11. Visions
12. Beer, Cheers
Label: Dragonheart Records
Promotion: Metal Blade.de
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: J°rgen Ditlev
Date: June 6th 2009
Website: www.whiteskull.it