Tales from the Black Book
Style: Trash/black metal
Release date: December 10th 2008

After being released in South America only, I Hate Records has re-releases this comeback album, originally from 2004. This band was one of the entrepreneurs in the early 80's Brazilian black/death scene. Their debut 'Bloody Vengeance' is still a rather legendary album. After taken a hiatus for over ten years they decided to give it one last shot and now Europe can get more acquainted with the band as well.

The music is a mix of old-school thrash with a perfect voice for this kind of music. Angel's voice sounds a bit like a mixture of Conrad Lant (Cronos; Venom), Jeff Becerra (Possessed) and Tony Portaro (Whiplash). The thrash they play is not groundbreaking, but bad neither. Mix some early Kreator, Razor, Slayer, Possessed and Venom  and you get the picture. The sound could have been better and with the guitars a little more in front of the mix, meaning the heavieness of the album would have increased. Also the guitar solos are at a controversial level.

Musically nothing new, but for fans of early 80's thrash/black a respected purchase.

01. Gates of Iron
02. The Bells of Death
03. Priestes of Bacchus
04. From the \black Metal Book
05. Devote to the Devil
06. Fall of the Corpse
07. Face of the Terror
08. Guerreiros de Sata
09. Troubled Mind
10. The Sign on the Door
11. Obscure Soldiers
12. Total Destruicao
13. Bestial Insane
Label: I Hate Records
Provided  by:                 I Hate Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: January 1st 2009