I am the reVolution
Style: Progressive Melodic Metal
Release date: September 25th 2009

To stand out and sound fresh and unique is something not a whole lot of bands do these days, but something Voyager now does for a third time. With 'I am the reVolution' they continue to reinvent themselves and built on the solid foundation of their two previous albums: 'uniVers' from 2007 and 'Element V' from 2005.

While many of their trademarks are still very much present, the general approach and the focus have shifted even more towards melody and catchiness. They have managed to take their music to a new level moving towards sophisticated and symphonic art rock without sacrificing their metal background. The symbiosis is blissful and tranquil even though the metal aspect is never far away and the aggressiveness, while much more laid back is just below the surface ready to rear its ugly head.

Let the album take you to a better place and allow yourself to float on the thick sea of sounds, because this is medicine for the soul and spirit. Voyager is in my humble opinion one of the finest and most unique musical creators from down under, and they are taking us to even further into their own little universe with this brilliant piece of art.

Strongly recommended for the open-minded.


01. Land of Lies (4:35)
02. Common Ground (4:14)
03. Lost (4:55)
04. The Devil in Me (4:12)
05. Close Your Eyes (6:02)
06. Total Existance Failure (4:40)
07. Straight to the Other Side (4:28)
08. In My Arms (3:56)
09. Times Like These (5:42)
10. On The Run From The World (4:16)
11. Without A Sigh (1:46)
12. I am the ReVolution (5:49)

Label: Dockyard2
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: September 6th 2009