Ground Zero
Style: Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Release date: June 19th 2009

Another "Super groupĒ not a term I like to use much, but it seems like everyone is doing it this year. And its Escape Musicís chance this time to impress the listener. Have they got it right? Well.......when you look at who is involved you would think they would give it a big shake. But "Ground Zero" is just missing that knock out punch for me.  Vindictiv is the brainchild of Stefan Lindholm (Guitars & Keyboards, I would never of guessed!!!!) More on that later down the page. Stefan has got some big guns in to do the shouting. Goran Edman the metal voice himself, man this guy has been around more then Paris Hilton on YouTube. Oliver Hartman (Reach Out, Iím Back Home, The Sacrifice) & Mark Boals (Venom) backed by a very solid rhythm section. So there's no lack of talent on offer here.

Onto the music. This is classic melodic heavy metal along the lines of Balance of Power or Jorn Lande's solo releases. Great structure for most parts and some very heavy riffs. But Stefan also adds a nice touch with the use of keyboards. Gives the music that epic feeling, and then add the talent above on vocals and this is just candy to the ears. BUT!!!!!!!!!! About half way through every song the ears start bleeding. The most annoying thing about "Ground Zero" is the solos. Yes "solos" both keyboards & guitars. In my opinion the solos just do not fit the songs very well at all. A good example of this is on Golden Gate, or any track will do for that matter. An awesome song full of great vocals & nice use of keys. But then Stefan just shreds his ass off in the solo. Now the boy can play and very well. But he seems to think that every single track must have a Malmsteen style shredding part in it alternating between keys & guitar and it just sounds all wrong in the song / songs. And this brings me the other problem on "Ground Zero". With all the shredding going on "Ground Zero" clocks in around the 80min mark for 11 tracks. Unfortunately "Ground Zero" is not good enough to hold your attention for that long. Less solos and this would have been a great album!!!!!!! Stand out tracks "Venom, Tweedledum And Tweedledee & I'm Back Home"

Bottom Line: Great vocals with some killer melodic hard rock / metal songs. Too much shredding & album time too long.

01. Modern World
02. Ground Zero
03. Reach Out
04. Golden Gate
05. Venom
06. Tweedledum and Tweedledee
07. I'm Back Home
08. Martha’s Song
09. Overshoot Day
10. No Matter What
11. The Sacrifice
Label: Escape Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: June 18th 2009