Hell Only Knows
Style: Pure Heavy Metal
Release date: August 20th 2008

Third album from Chilean heavy metal band VASTATOR and my very first close encounter with the band and their music.


My promo-copy contains 11 tracks of pure heavy metal with an epic edge. The band is influenced by thrash metal band, such as; Slayer, Dark Angel, Exodus and classic metal bands such as; Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and Manowar. I can hear a few Iron Maiden melody-lines as well... at least in track 4.


After a short intro ‘Hell Only Knows’ kicks in with the title track and it really sound like Judas Priest on speed. Not a bad track but the music suffers from a quite weak and “thin” production. And the weak and powerless production really holds the band down in my humble opinion. Just take a listen to track 4 “Soul of Heroes”, a track that reminds me of a mix of Manowar and Iron Maiden... a track way above average, but once again the weak production is doing the band no good.


‘Hell Only Knows’ offers the listener only songs way above average... especially after a few spins... but once again I have to mention the weak production. It sounds more than a demo than a final product. Sad.


If you can live with the production (sigh)... then you can easily add 10 points (or more) to my rating.


A better and more powerful production next time guys, and then you’ll be on the right track.

01. Hellish Clown
02. Hell Only Knows
03. Inner Fury
04. Soul Of Heroes
05. Unbreakable
06. Bloodline
07. Pounding Hearts
08. Evilution (The Next Sleep)
09. Mansion En Liamas
10. Maxima Entropia
11. Monsenor
Label: Inferno Records
Distribution: Inferno Records
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 4th 2009