Ad Luciferi Regnum
Style: Black Metal
Release date: May 13th 2009

Vanmakt is by the name an anti-authority, to be understood here as the alternative to the authority that ruled the world for many centuries, and still does it to a certain extent, that of the Christian Church.

Ad Luciferi Regnum strikes me at once as Cradle Of Filth but in a more bombastic version, when it comes to the sound, thus mending what's bothered me with COF's sound before, the sharpness of the high tones, even though it was, at the same time, what I liked COF for, and something that made the band stand out among a myriad of extreme metal bands.

To continue the analogy with the Brits extraordinaire, Vanmakt is musically more tame in its expression. All theatrical means come to mind; even the female voice, Sarah-like, but less versatile and much too repetitive, as if "just to be there", is too copiously present on the first tracks.

If the music weren't technical and sounded like a record that has benefitted of good sound-engineering, it would not make heads turn. Actually, it doesn't. It gets pretty boring on-the-go, but will sure delight fans of late 90's Black Metal, for instance COF or Dissection.


01. The Second Key
02. Brethren of Lucifer
03. Endless Myth
04. Re-incarnating Hatred
05. Ad Luciferi Regnum
06. Id XIII Inferni
07. The Ascension
08. Beneath the Moor
09. Written in Blood

Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Pulverised Records
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: September 1st 2009