Cry out for Metal
Style: German Teutonic metal
Release date: October 2008

Originally released in 1985 and now re-released by Stormspell Records. Vampyr plays a style like Manowar, Saxon, Judas Priest and Running Wild used to do back in the 80's. The song "Hell Bent Angels" has the same kind of sound as Manowar's 'Battle Hymns'. In other songs there are a lot of recognizable parts as well. The sound of the album isn't really bad at all, so that is a big bonus.

Due to minimal distribution it was very hard to find the album in stores nearby. Perhaps that's why they never got the breakthrough they hoped for. Other reasons can be: the huge competition back then or the rise of a new phenomenon called speed-metal. Whatever the reason was, Vampyr didn't last long and quit in 1988.

In the eighties they would have been categorized as average, but not more than that. Re-releasing this is a big honour for the band members, but will not take care of an earthshaking effect in the metal world. Besides the songs the disc contains some video-clips, but the quality is not too good. I would say that this is a release for friends, fans and those who have been looking for this album since they were a teenager.

01. Oath (intro)
02. Sinner
03. Indianapolis
04. Hell Bent Angels
05. Scyther Man

Mercy Killing

07. Metal Hymn 86
08. Warrior
09. Breaking Metal
10. Vampyr
Label: Stormspell Records
Provided by: Stormspell USA 
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 20th 2009
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