Usynlig Tumult
Voices of the Winds
Style: Black metal
Release date: April 10th 2009

Most of the black metal bands choose the left hand path; Usynlig Tumult takes the right hand path. While 99% of the bands have lyrics about Satan, this Ukraine 2-piece sings about the Lord. That's not the only thing that's a little weird. The band's name is Norwegian, which is also a bit strange when you come from the Ukraine.

The music however is not so bad, it is basic black metal, but in the song "Tomorrow" they use some folk influences as well. Often I hear some Burzum in their music and also fans of Emperor and Naglfar will hear things they like. Of course the production is not very good, but that is no problem for the general black fan.

Not a bad effort, black fans should at least take a listen and perhaps they like what they hear. There is just one thing I have to warn you about, the song "Rest" is just an intro and "Shhhhhh.." isn't a normal song too, so you only get 4 songs. I hope the fans find that worth their money!

01. Rest
02. Tomorrow
03. Single With Nature
04. Crusified...
05. Curse of Eternal Winter
06. Shhhhhhh...
Label: Bombworks Records
Provided by: ArtistworXX
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: June 30th 2009