Death Consecrates with Blood
Style: Black Metal
Release date: January 30th 2009

Dark clouds are packing together above my house when I am listening to the new Unlight release. The blaspheme lyrics are not exactly my thing, but there is nothing wrong with the music. Fortunately they don't play a kind of Darkthrone style, but they come with a well produced black/death album with lots of thrash influences.

The title track kicks of with a lot of anger, thrashing riffs and double bass. The vocals are as you can expect from a black metal combo. Lots of times the band Immortal enters my mind. "The Passing of the Black Storms" is a song with strong thrashy parts and nice melodic guitar harmonies. The faster parts and the screaming vocals give it a black metal vibe, but thrash fans will dig this too. Again you get the idea that this is a song done by Immortal.

Most of the time the band rages on at full speed, but with "Carnal Baptism" they push a little on the brakes. I like the speedy songs better. With "Dancing Upon the Bones Of a Na´ve Perception" they continue on high head banging speed and it does at times remind me of Dimmu Borgir and the riff in "Mendacious Messiah" has Slayer written all over it.

This fourth album from Unlight makes them one of the best German black alliances. With their combination of old school thrash and death parts, provided with black metal screams and some melody, they deliver quite a performance. Fans of Immortal and Dimmu Borgir  won't be disappointed. Those black metal fans who think real black metal should sound as if it's been recorded at home in the pigs shit hole can skip this one. Thumbs up for Massacre records for not adding voice-overs!

01. Death Consecrates with Blood
02. Becoming the Ungodly Sin
03. That Old Black Magic Spell
04. The Passing of the Black Storms
05. Carnal Baptism
06. Dancing Upon the Bones of a Na´ve Perception
07. Bestow The Blessings of Hell Upon Us
08. Enthrone Night
09. Mendacious Messiah
10. Dead Angel Innocence
Label: Massacre Records
Provided by:   Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: January 27th 2009
Website: www.unlight.org