Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: August 21st 2009

After a hard day there’s nothing more delightful than relaxing over a steaming hot heavy metal album, right? And I simply forget every bad thing that have happened in my life lately while listening to the brand new U.D.O. album called ‘Dominator’.


Mr. Udo Dirkschneider and band are about to release one of their best albums ever in my humble opinion. Everything fits like a glove on ‘Dominator’. This CD is packed with heavy, yet very catchy riffs that most bands would die for. And they have even written some of their best choruses ever. You will find yourself singing along to heavy metal hymns like; “The Bogeyman”, “Black and White”, and the outstanding “Heavy Metal Heaven”  in no time.


The track“Heavy Metal Heaven”  will lead your mind back to when Udo’s earlier band ACCEPT was at their best. BUT... I must admit that the best track of the bunch is “Devil’s Rendezvous” in my humble opinion. This track is very, very similar to “Cut Me Out”  from his ‘Holy’ album. The chorus, the guitar solo... very similar indeed... and very catchy and entertaining.


Well... we also get a few up-tempo metal songs too... and they will kick your ass... believe me. Just take a listen to “Speed Demon” and you f*****g know what I mean.


‘Dominator’ ends with a beautiful and catchy metal-ballad called “Whispers in the Dark”.


The production is also top notch and I’m sure that fans of U.D.O. won’t be disappointed. So... buy or seriously regret not doing so.


01.The Bogeyman
02. Dominator
03. Black and White
04. Infected
Heavy Metal Heaven
07. Stillness of Time
08. Devil's Rendezvous
09. Speed Demon
10. Whispers in the Dark

Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 15th 2008
Website: www.udo-online.de