The Forbidden City
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: September 11th 2009

I am so glad this one ended up on my platter because this one is so much better and more mature than the first one “The Music That Will Heal the World” from 2007, and Daniele Liverani has struck gold with new vocalist Göran Nyström, who not often reminds me of a rougher version of Michael Kiske. Mastermind and sole song writer Daniele Liverani takes us on another journey into well documented and tested territory, a bit rougher and darker than on the debut album.

While the debut album had a few fillers and lacked a clear direction there is no shortage of anything on "The Forbidden City", but four songs stand above the rest: 'The Forbidden City', 'BTR' (excellent instrumental), 'Hide the Feeling' (wonderful ballad that could have been written by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra guys) and ' I Am Free' and we would have had a small masterpiece on our hands, had the rest been up with them. Now we just have to settle for a very good and well produced progressive metal album that should fill the needs for genre freaks. But the potential for something stronger and bigger is clearly there...

Without a doubt the best album Daniele has ever written - and that's quite a few - and a huge step forward in every department; well written, crafted and executed, and a pleasant surprise for me!


01. The Forbidden City [10.18]
02. Taste the Infinity [5.54]
03. Number One [4.39]
04. Everything [7.44]
05. One of Us [6.31]
06. BTR [5.40]
07. Hide this Feeling [4.41]
08. My Future [6.39]
09. Reaction [6.02]
10. I Am Free [10.25]

Label: Lion Music
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: August 20th 2009