Trigger The Bloodshed
The Great Depression
Style: Death Metal
Release date: May 22nd 2009

British death/grind band TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED are back with a follow-up to their splendid debut release ‘Purgation’ but my promo-CD is sadly not in a very good condition. I can only listen to 50% of the tracks and the songs are packed with jitter and noise, so it was a struggle to give this album a listen or 10.


TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED continues were the left us with there debut album, namely with high energy, bone-crushing, faster than the speed of light death metal with a lot of twist and turns. It’s no secret that I simply adore their debut album so my expectations to their brand new one was very high and after what I can hear on the songs my CD-player will swallow, they are still as good.


Music like this need some time to sink in, because there’s a lot going on. You really have to listen carefully to suck up all the details. With bubbling drums, wicked leads and heavy as fuck riffing, you are really in for a treat here.


Death metal fans know what to do.

01. The Great Depression
02. Warbound
03. Sanctuary of the Wretched
04. The Scouring Impurity
05. The Dead World
06. Interlude - I
07. Contemporary Perception Narcotic
08. Dessicate Earth
09. The Infliction of Tophet
10. Disfigured Anonimity
11. Terminus
Label: Rising Records
Distribution: Gordeon Music Promotion
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: May 13th 2009
Website: Trigger The Bloodshed @ MySpace