The Horror
Style: Death thrash
Release date: February 23rd 2009

Welcome to the debut from Swedish Tribulationís debut disc. Thereís no hanky-panky here. This is full on death metal the good old-fashioned way.


Itís a bit like the Destruction version of death metal. It never gets really, really cool, you canít slam it either because they clearly deliver the stuff.

What Iím saying is: I canít say itís bad, because it isnít. I canít say itís particularly brilliant or inventive, either. Or put differently: Iíd be tapping my foot if I went to one of their concerts, but I wouldnít be jumping around.

I can only advice you to try and listen yourself - if you like Destruction and death metal, that is.


01. Into the Jaws of Hell

02. Crypt of Thanatophilia

03. Curse of Resurrection

04. Beyond the Horror

05. The Vampyre

06. Sacrilegious Darkness

07. Spawn of the Jackal

08. Seduced by the Smell of Rotten Flesh

09. Graveyard Ghouls

Label: Pulverised Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 15th 2009