Style: Streetcore
Release date: August 24th 2009

This is my first close encounter with the German streetcore band TOXPACK and I must admit that I’m positively surprised.


Their music on this brand new CD called ’Epidemie’ is a mix of hardcore, punk, tough rock and roll... and metal. The sound is quite heavy yet crystal clear and even though that your mother probably will hate it, it’s still quite melodic at times.


My promo-CD contains 12 songs plus one bonus-track and even though that not every single song is a winner... most of them are. Just give this album a few listens and you have found the perfect CD for your next party with all your drunken friends.


I’m not familiar with their earlier albums so I can’t compare them to ’Epidemie’ but maybe I should do myself a favour and check out their back catalogue... ‘cause this CD really makes me smile.


Catchy... yet pure ROCK... or should we say... pure STREETCORE!

01. Kopfbohrer
02. Ohne Mich
03. Für Immer In Mir
04. No Remorse
05. 100 % Ich
06. Was Gestern War
07. Epidemie
08. Stieg Ein
09. Beretta 92
10.  So Viele Tage
11. Aufstehen


13. Schmutziger Pakt (Bonus)
Label: Peoplelikeyourecords
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 27th 2009