The EP Sessions 2007-2008
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: May 22nd 2009

No one was willing to review this brand new album by the British hard rockers THUNDER,

so I gave it a shot.


I must admit that THUNDER has done nothing for me in the past and this release called ‘The EP Sessions 2007-2008 won’t change how I feel about the band’s music.


The songs on this CD were recorded in 2007 and 2008 and originally offered to THUNDER fans

as 3 x 6 track EPs.


We get 16 tracks of original songs, live recordings and re-worked versions but I think that it’s for

THUNDER fans only. There are only 2 tracks on this album that have rocked my world, namely

the catchy “Yesterday’s News” and the excellent hard rocker “Chain Reaction”. The rest of the songs are not bad by any means... but not above average in my humble opinion. I miss the WOW effect and would be quite happy never to hear tracks such as; “Survivor” and “Dirty Dream” again.


Thunder officially split in early 2009 and this CD is for THUNDER fans only who wants to hear

the final breath of the band.


01. Survivor

02. Yesterday's News

03. Chain Reaction

04. Midlife Crisis

05. Dirty Dream (Live)

06. What A Beautiful Day (Live)

07. Make My Day

08. Bette Davis Meltdown

09. I Believe 

10. Last Man Standing (Live)

11. Like A Satellite (Live)

12. See My Baby Walking

13. So Sad Today

14. Only You Can Make Me Cry

15. Yesterday's News (Naked Version)

16. I Believe (Missionary Position    Version)

Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Germusica Promotion
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 18th 2009