The Psyke Project
Dead Storm
Style: Atmospheric Noisecore
Release date: August 24th 2009

The Copenhagen quintet The Psyke Project is musically related to Neurosis, Isis, Dutch Izah and Swedish Burst among others. Releases from more and more bands who occupy this branch of metal/rock find their way to the Power of staff, so it would seem that the popularity for atmospheric noisecore is rising.


The Psyke Project are some of the better offers within the genre, I must say. But the thing with this kind of music is that you (of you are me, that is) have to be in a very special mood to get what they do.


I appreciate the power and the angst-ridden, brooding anxiety of their expression, but watch out! - if youíre looking for a Saturday night dance-floor groover, this fourth album from The Psyke Project is certainly not the place to look.


52 minutes of pure emotion is a tad much for me as a listener, I have to admit. When the real power breaks through, like e.g. that beginning of Forget the Forgotten, it is a relief, but I know it lives on borrowed time and will have to stand aside for the big soundscapes that go everywhere and nowhere at the same time.


As Iíve listened to the album, I have every time desperately sought the origins in Scandinavian nature and narratives that the press material that came along with the album boasts about. I just canít hear it.


This is good noise. Nothing more, nothing less.


01. Fire Blizzards 4:21

02. Dead People Never Lie 4:50

03. Stockholm Bloodbath 6:20

04. Mile High Pillars 4:07

05. Polaris 6:19

06. Forget The Forgotten 4:41

07. Winter 4:48

08. Storms Of The North 7:17

09. Cursed With Care 3:34

10. Utopia Is Not An Option 5:57

Label: Lifeforce Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: August 10th 2009