The Red Chord
Fed Through the Teeth Machine
Style: Technical Death Metal
Release date: October 26th 2009

No, not The Red Shore, The Red Chord is the name. They play technical fast grindcore/death metal with some noise influences. Sometimes rather complex and all the time very extreme and aggressive.

Fortunately their songs have quite some slower parts too, with the effect that the music sounds much heavier and intense. In the song "Mouthful of Precious Stones" the band changes tempo as often as Madonna changes her underwear. That makes that this record is just for those who want it complex and technical. If you prefer the stuff Debauchery produces, you have to keep away far from this one.

With the new record they have gotten further away from the grindcore and closer to the more technical death stuff. In my opinion a good step. I think there will be a bigger target group for The Red Chord. They won't lose old fans either, therefore they still sound rather extreme and there is just too much nice music on the new album for that to happen.

Fans of bands such as SYL, old-Fear Factory, Suicide Silence and ADHD-metalfans in general should take a listen. Nice artwork!


01. Demonizer (2:31)

02. Hour of Rats (2:40)

03. Hyms and Crippled Anthems (2:55)

04. Embarrassment Legacy (3:00)

05. Tales of Martyrs and Disappearing Acts (2:09)

06. Floating Through the Vein (3:15)

07. Ingest The Ash (2:39)

08. One Robot to Another (2:17)

09. Mouthful of Precious Stones (4:21)

10. The Ugliest Truth (2:41)

11. Face Area Solution (2:01)

12. Sleepless Nights In the Compound (4:50)     

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 17th 2009