The Poodles
Clash of the Elements
Style: Glam (Hard) Rock
Release date: August 28th 2009

The melodic glam (hard) rockers THE POODLES are back with another album in the same vein as ‘Metal Will Stand Tall’ (2006) and ‘Sweet Trade’ (2007).


THE POODLES haven’t changed a bit... and that’s what bothers me here on ‘Clash of the Elements’... They are still all about melodic glam rock with catchy guitar riffs and huge and catchy choruses... well... at least to a certain point on some of the songs.


The first 5 songs are very entertaining and very catchy and I’m ready to throw a party right fucking now... but then something happens. The next 5 tracks are so predictable that I was ready to throw it in the bin. The guitar riffs and choruses lack that catchiness that should be so ever present in this kind of music.


THE POODLES is back on track again with “Don’t Rescue Me”  that once again contain a simple, yet catchy riff that managed to keep my interest alive. But that’s it. The last 3 tracks did sadly absolutely nothing for me.


Fans of the band can buy this album blindfolded... but the rest of you should give it a listen before you decide if you wanna spend your hard-earned money on ‘Clash of the Elements’.


Not bad... but not splendid either.


01. Too Much of Everything

02. Caroline

03. Like No Tomorrow

04. One Out Oo Ten

05. I Rule the night

06. Give Me a Sign

07. Sweet Enemy

08. 7 Days and 7 Nights

09. Pilot of the Storm

10. Can't Let You Go

11. Don't Rescue Me

12. Heart of Gold

13. Dream to Follow

14. Wings of Destiny

Label: Blistering Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 27th 2009