The Pleasures
Oh Yeah Revolution
Style: Glam Rock
Release date: October 23rd 2009

The Pleasures' "Oh Yeah Revolution" is no revolution. This is total rubbish. I find it hard to listen to the whole 14 tracks before it starts getting irritating and hurts my ears, yes 14 tracks of half baked ideas and shit. The only good thing "The Pleasures" do is a cover of the classic T-Rex song "Children of the Revolution", which is very well done, maybe they should be a covers band.

These guys or should I say "Drag Queens" need to find themselves and stop trying to be everybody. The music on offer on "Oh Yeah Revolution" is nothing new. Glam rock with some punk influences and Marilyn Manson style vocals with some death growls thrown in for the fuck of it.

If The Pleasures want to be a glam rock band, then be one & stop hiding behind the image just because you a cross dressers and want to wear make up!!!! Go and take a listen to Hardcore Superstar, Wig Wam, Crash Street Kids... That's GLAM baby!

01. Awesomesauce 
02. Parade Parade (2009) 
03. Some Like It Rock 
04. Freedom 
05. Skullhammer 
06. Honeymoon in Venice (2009) 
07. When You're Dead
08. October 29
09. Children Of The Revolution 
10. Voyeur 
11. Juicy Jacuzzi 
12. Please Don't Let The Music Die 
13. Glitter Doesn't Sparkle Without Light
14. Off The Wire
Label: Dockyard 2
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: November 23rd 2009