The Fallen Within
Style: Modern Melodeath
Release date: December 14th 2009

The Fallen Within is an Athens based band, created in 2003 by the guitarist Gio S. The musical influences they use in their songs are a mix of Scandinavian melodic death metal as we know from bands as In Flames and Soilwork combined with American metalcore. The vocals used are sometimes very aggressive screaming ones combined with clean melodic singing.


There are few new ideas on the album and the riffs used are tight and nice to listen to, the clean vocals used are good and give some songs the melodic touch needed. Every now and then some parts remind me of the band Scar Symmetry - especially during the clean passages in the songs. Not that the band has already reached the same song writing level as Scar Symmetry, but they give it a nice try. The synths used in the song "Endless Reality" sound at times a bit simple, but they have been mixed in quite well. The title song has a weird spacy keyboard sound and personally I'm not so happy with it, but that is a matter of taste. One other song I want to mention is "The Great Fall", this is a rather bombastic song due to the keyboard parts, perhaps they should use this style a bit more in the future.


The Fallen Within has enough variety in the songs to make the album easy to listen to from start to end. All in all this is a fine debut and with Bob Katsionis (Firewind) as producer and a decent mix at the Tico Tico Studio in Finland the album sounds as a brick wall. Nothing really new in the overwhelmed genre, but fans from the bands I already mentioned could experience some fine moments with this album.


01. My Vanity

02. Sound of Destruction

03. Pain Right Under

04. I am Hate

05. Extinction

06. Endless Reality

07. Intoxicated

08. Last Breath

09. The Great Fall

10. Timeworn

Label: Coroner Records
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 9th 2009