The Fading
In Sin We'll Find Salvation
Style: Modern Melodic Death Metal
Release date: July 30th 2009

THE FADING is a modern melodic death metal band from Israel and winner of the Wacken metal battle 2008. Quite interesting because they were the first Israeli band ever which had participated in that contest.


Well... here they are with their debut album called ‘In Sin We’ll Find Salvation’... and ready to conquer the world with a fresh and very entertaining release.


The CD starts with a track called “Failure Proven”  that after a weird intro quickly develops into thoughtful tempos and interesting structures that shows the world that this band has something to offer to the metal community.


The next track “My Lost Serenity” continues in the same way... namely with up-tempo melodic death metal packed with excellent guitar-melody-lines and aggressive vocals. The Swedish band DARKANE (among others) comes to mind when this track is blasting out of my speakers. THE FADING, thrash, and almost screams their way through that song but the best has yet to come.


Track 3 “The Sin Collector” really shows this bands potential because they are all handling their instruments perfectly. The guitars simply destroy everything in sight... and the drumming is superb, to put it simple.


Well (again)... almost every single track is a winner. There are only 2 tracks here that couldn’t win me over... but do have in mind that this CD is a debut album... so I’m very, very curious to hear what this band can come up with on their next release.


To sum it all up: - The very first time I threw this CD in my exhausted player I was waiting for a melodic chorus with clean vocals, done in the “Gothenburg way”, but no... everything is done with aggression. But you won’t hear any complains from me. Great album!


Good buy :) 

01. Failure
02. My Lost Serenity
03. The Sin Collector
04. One Step to Drama
05. Beyond Perfection
06. Angel Within
07. Confront Myself
08. When Dream Meets Reality
09. Destination, Life
10. Age of Phobia
Label: Wacken Records
Distribution: CMM GmbH
Artwork rating: 71/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 27th 2009